Install the best free VPN App for Android and iOS

Android devices are one of the most widely used smartphones today. Thus, they’re also highly targeted by malicious threat actors and show higher rates of attempted malware attacks. While a VPN is an excellent tool to help you add an extra layer of security, not all free VPN services are trustworthy.

For this reason, we’ve tested dozens of tools and picked only those that are 100% safe and reliable. Our best free VPNs for Android can help you prevent data tracking, protect your identity, and reach censored or restricted content on the Internet.

So, get your Android ready: here’s the list of top-class Android VPNs with a free option that you can trust. You can simply install one on your device and enjoy untracked communication as well as access any websites or streaming platforms from anywhere.

Best free VPNs apps for Android And ios


NordVPN offers excellent speed and functionality – it’s probably the best VPN you can get. This is a premium solution, suited perfectly if you want the best VPN for your device – without risking any money.

NordVPN works seamlessly with streaming platforms and torrenting – making this an excellent pick for watching movies on the go, wherever you are. And as you browse, NordVPN protects you with top-of-the-line security features.

RAM-only servers make it physically impossible for the provider to store any of your data, and 256-bit encryption guarantees that absolutely everything about your connections is completely secure.

The powerful Android app includes all the main features: including split tunneling, a kill switch, and reliable auto-connect options.

And what’s even better – you can get the NordVPN free trial and use it free of charge for 30 days. It’s a great, no-risk alternative to free Android VPNs, giving you completely free premium services.




On a budget? Surfshark is one of the cheapest premium VPNs, offering excellent premium performance and features for a fraction of the price. And if you’re looking for something free, you can also use the platform’s reliable 30-day money-back guarantee to try all of this risk-free.

What else is there to see? Surfshark is an excellent free VPN for Android, offering a wide variety of fast and secure protocols, top-class encryption, and even GPS spoofing. The last feature is especially fun – it will let you switch GPS location on your Android phone. It’s great for playing location-based games and accessing applications that use GPS signals for identification.

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Surfshark is also an excellent option for streaming: we had no issues using it to unlock Netflix and several other popular streaming platforms.

And finally, you can use Surfshark on unlimited devices. Your friends and family can use one account to protect all of their online connections.

With a reliable free Surfshark trial and an excellent low price, this is one of the best free VPN alternatives for Android.



Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is yet another amazing free VPN for Android devices. However, keep in mind that it sets a 5GB monthly limit, so if you want to stream or download lots of files, you might want to think about the paid version.

Other than that, the free Android application allows you to connect to three locations: Netherlands (Amsterdam), USA (Los Angeles), and USA (New York). You’ll also have a kill switch that will protect your anonymity in case the VPN connection goes down. However, your account will only work with a single device.

Meanwhile, the full Android version offers a data breach checker, a tracker blocker, and access in 750+ servers in 38 regions.

Atlas VPN is also incredibly safe, as it uses AES-256 encryption, implements safe tunneling protocols like WireGuard and IKEv2, and has a trustworthy no-logs policy.




IPVanish is a great feature-rich premium VPN that won’t hurt your wallet. It has a very well-developed app for Android and provides you with unlimited data. There’s no free trial, but you do get a 30-day money-back guarantee when you subscribe to the long-term plan.

With IPVanish you get the highest level of data protection with AES-256 encryption and impressive speeds, thanks to the WireGuard protocol. Additionally, the obfuscation feature will mask your VPN usage, and the split tunneling feature included in the Android app will give you the freedom to pick which applications need to go through a VPN tunnel.

This provider boasts a large fleet of 2000+ servers in 50 locations, so you will never deal with overcrowded servers. Also, this is a great streaming VPN, since we had no issues with unblocking Netflix and other popular streaming sites’ global libraries.

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What more could better the deal? Maybe that you can get unlimited simultaneous connections with one IPVanish subscription. So you can see that this is a great budget-friendly alternative to a free Android VPN.



Ivacy VPN

Ivacy VPN is a reliable option with a massive list of servers to choose from. While this provider has its issues when it comes to streaming, it does offer reliable protection and data security.

This provider offers you the best AES-256-bit encryption, so your data is secure and hidden. Additionally, the Android app offers you split tunneling, multi-port, and protocol selection features. It’s really easy to use and it might be because it is a pretty basic version, especially compared to the Windows one.

A feature-light Android app isn’t the only thing to consider – Ivacy VPN doesn’t have the safest and fastest WireGuard protocol, so you might notice some drops in speed performance. And when it comes to streaming, we were able to unblock the US Netflix library, but other locations had some struggles.

And yet, as an all-necessary base covering VPN, Ivacy VPN is a great option. You get the massive 5700+ server fleet in 68 countries for a very little price and cover up to 10 devices at once. There’s no free version, but you can have a trial run with this app with the 30-day money-back guarantee.