The Best VPN In Canada April 2023

The Best VPN In Canada April 2023 – Hello guys, in this article  will discuss about the best VPN in Canada April 2023. Before that, we will discuss about what VPN is, how it works, its benefits, and why you need it in today’s digital age. Happy reading guys.

What is VPN?

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a technology that creates a secure and encrypted connection between your device and the internet. It is a private network that extends over a public network and allows users to send and receive data securely. VPN can be used for various purposes, such as accessing corporate networks, protecting online privacy, and bypassing censorship.

How does VPN work?

VPN works by creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and the VPN server. When you connect to a VPN server, your internet traffic is redirected through the VPN server. The VPN server then encrypts your data, making it unreadable to anyone who intercepts it. This ensures that your online activities remain private and secure.

Types of VPN

There are three main types of VPN: Remote access VPN, Site-to-site VPN, and Client-to-site VPN.

  1. Remote access VPN allows remote workers to connect to a private network from anywhere in the world. This type of VPN is ideal for businesses with remote employees who need to access corporate resources.
  2. Site-to-site VPN connects two or more private networks over the internet. This type of VPN is ideal for businesses with multiple locations that need to access each other’s resources securely.
  3. Client-to-site VPN allows individual users to connect to a private network from a remote location. This type of VPN is ideal for individuals who need to access their home network or office network from a remote location.

Benefits of using VPN

There are several benefits of using VPN, including:

  1. Security and privacy: VPN provides a secure and encrypted connection, which ensures that your online activities remain private and secure.
  2. Access to geo-restricted content: VPN allows you to access content that is not available in your region. You can connect to a VPN server in a different country and access content that is only available in that region.
  3. Bypassing censorship: VPN allows you to bypass censorship and access websites and services that are blocked in your region.
  4. Protection on public Wi-Fi: VPN protects you on public Wi-Fi, where hackers are known to lurk. VPN encrypts your data, making it unreadable to anyone who intercepts it.

The Best VPN In Canada April 2023

Secure VPN-Safer Internet

Secure VPN is a lightning-fast app provide free VPN service. Not need any configuration, just simply click one button, you can access the Internet securely and anonymously.

Secure VPN encrypts your Internet connection so that third parties can’t track your online activity, making it more secure than a typical proxy, make your Internet’s safety and security, especially when you using public free Wi-Fi.

Secure VPN has built a global VPN network included America, Europe and Asia, and expand to more country soon. Most servers are free to use, you can click the flag and change server as any times as you want.

Ratings and Reviews

In Google Play Store, this app gets 4,8 stars and 1.47 M reviews. In App Store this app gets 4,6 out of 5.

Helpful Reviews from Google Play Store

Pros (+)

January 23, 2023
Only used the free service but as of yet I have no complaints. Yes it slows your speed but that is expected due to the service. I’ve used this on a $35 android, high end androids, and iPhones 12 and up. The speed is slow on all of them. This means it’s not just encrypting and decryting correctly (C&A) it’s using the three pillars of security; CONFIDENTIALITY, INTEGREDY, AND AVAILABILITY (CIA). Its also authenticating the users & verifying the data received is same that was sent (I). 🙏🏼✌🏼

Grain Assault
September 28, 2021
This was a great option for a free VPN, but I’m now using a paid one. It kept my data safe for a whole year, and stayed connected for surprisingly long many times. The ads were never annoying, and I made sure to look at them for a moment every time. A good steadfast app. It has been crashing on me when I try to connect it first though. Works on the second try every time. Strange.

Stephen Heverley
January 9, 2021
This one ACTUALLY works as it’s supposed to! Genuinely connects to servers in the country of your choice and any app you’re working with will believe you are connected from that country. Ads are necessary for this to be free but are truly as minimal as possible. Out of at least 7 other free VPN apps I’ve tried, this is the only one I would recommend.

Maximus Cartwright
April 8, 2023
I’ve been using this for my chromebook when I connect to the staff wifi, and it works like a charm! The only minor inconvience is that sign in pages on open wifi networks don’t show with the VPN on, but it’s whatever. Other than that, two thumbs up!

Cons (-)

Thomas Reed
June 4, 2022
I’m not sure what is wrong with the app now. Back in October 2021 when i first got this it worked fine after picking the server closest to me to connect to free with ads. Now that they made changes recently, it automatically tries to connect you with a random server that you have no choice over and it gives you connection issues where it has pretty much degraded the quality of the app. It was better when you could pick a server closest to your location free with ads and a strong connection.

Eric Thesing
August 13, 2021
Slow, slow, slow. A lot of times connections are 1-2kbps. To disconnect and try to reconnect to a different server, you have to watch 2 ads, and then cross your fingers and hope to get a better connection, which often doesn’t happen and you end up sub 1kbps, so you have to go through it all again. Tired of it… Deleting app. Will use a paid VPN to avoid this nonsense.

demon kyla
April 18, 2022
First off everything seemed fine, as soon as I connected and went to send a message I couldn’t even get the app to load, no messages could be sent or pictures loaded. My phone even froze four times within the couple minutes of having this app open. It seemed like a really good app but if I had to recommend a VPN to use it would not be this one, maybe there’s bugs or something that needs to be fixed.

April 15, 2023
Well I was recommended this app by a friend and I loved it for the last few months until this last update on April 3rd,2023 because now it never works. It either won’t connect or it freezes three seconds after it connects and then disconnects itself. Time to look for a new app, I guess. 😔

Helpful Reviews from App Store

Pros (+)

Ur so bad
Thought this app was a scam at first… Good news!
At first, I was originally looking at this app and the reviews it had, and I immediately assumed “oh this must be a fake app that makes you buy premium to work” but no. This app works 100% EVEN without a subscription! Just download, and you’ll see how I feel. It works exceptionally at school, where it can just bypass the social media and game restrictions! I love this app. Definitely one of the best free VPN’s

Lexie Rawlins
Still trying it out
I’m still trying this application, the connection is fast and stable, and the waiting time is satisfactory…about 3 seconds! That’s right! ! I can’t believe it, I usually have to wait for a while, especially for these free vpn apps! But not this.  ‍  ‍

Secure vpn fast
good job, VPN works very well

It works!!   ‌   ​
I am an international student. This app allows me to use our domestic app as long as I connect to the VPN server in our country. Now I can surf the Internet from my country school just like at home, thank you for your help with this application.    ‍

Cons (-)

It works well but it only gives you 5 ideas per day and you can get more by watching an ad but without the vpn I can’t watch and ad.

You can not use it,they will want you pay money.

Good just that sometimes the connection appears to be slow


Google Play Store App Store

VPN – Super Unlimited Proxy

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy – free VPN for Android. 100% free Proxy! Totally unlimited bandwidth! Super fast and high VPN speed! The best unlimited free Proxy clients for android.

VPN Super Unlimited Proxy- Free Proxy VPN, super fast VPN to proxy sites, watch videos and movies, protect WiFi security and protect privacy. Turbo charge your video streaming experience.

■ Why choose VPN Super Unlimited Proxy?
– Large number of servers, high-speed bandwidth
– Choose apps which using VPN (Android 5.0+ required)
– Unlimited time, Unlimited data, Unlimited bandwidth
– No registration or login required
– No Log is saved from any users
– Simple, one tap connect to VPN
– Protect your security and privacy
– No additional permissions required

■ What can I do with a VPN?
– Enhance your online privacy and enable you to safely and anonymously browse the Internet
– Protect you when using a public WiFi hotspot
– Allows you to create a secure connection to another network over the Internet

Ratings and Reviews

In Google Play Store, this app gets 4,5 stars, 747K reviews and 50M+ downloads. In App Store this app gets 4,6 out of 5 and 1.5 M ratings.

Helpful Reviews from Google Play Store

Pros (+)

James Stowe
January 14, 2022
First time user:: Easy to install, setup and use. Ads are not intrusive and seem to offer quality products and services rather than a lot of useless junk. Navigation is simple throughout and allows choice of multiple servers. VPN stays connected until you disconnect or, presumably, power down your device. My test drive was worth it. I will continue to use so as to have a better feel for the app, but hopefully won’t experience any issues. Recommend it, at this point, without reservations.

Riley Makala
December 16, 2021
This app is amazing. I’m so happy it’s free. It works great and it is still pleasantly fast without upgrading, it just takes a little longer to connect. I can now open social media apps and bypass our school’s district block on them. I can also know that my phone will be safe if I’m traveling anywhere. Theres also little to no ads a few pop up pictures every now and then but that is ok. Great work!

xan !
May 9, 2022
overall great app and easy to use. love how it’s just one click and boom! you’re connected!!! but recently the ads I’ve been getting freeze. When they come up, they’ll play but the countdown will freeze. It’ll start the 5 second countdown but freeze on 4 or 3. i closed the app dozens of times and they still freeze. i dont know if it’s my device or the app but please fix this!! thanks.

Jerrod Hunt
April 3, 2021
Works well. Have used it for a few days now. And it has many different servers from other countries including USA. Stays connected well. Have only had it stop when hosting server I’m connected to drops me for being static to long. (idle). I do like that it shows up on my drop menu bar. And shows up/down speeds and overall data total for both Ingress and Egress.


Alexis Doherty
April 2, 2023
Meh, lasts for about 30 minutes then you need to go back in, which takes forever to load, watch an ad, disconnect, watch an ad, reconnect, and finally watch an ad. I put up with it for awhile but to be honest I’m at my limit and will probably try to find a better one. If this is your only option then sure go for it, but I would definitely do literally any other vpn.

October 26, 2022
Very easy to use. Has ads but it stays connected for long periods of time so no need to frequently reconnect. Best free VPN app. Five stars. Edit: Unfortunately stopped working after about a year of usage. It worked very well for the first year but then it started saying it wasn’t connecting.

June 16, 2022
This is great! I tried a ton of “free” VPN apps, but they all either worked painfully slow unless you paid for premium, or didn’t work at all. I’ve been using this for at least a month now. It works. Despite using the free version, it connects quickly and I rarely ever have to watch an ad…if I do it’s never longer than 15 seconds. I love it! Edit 6/22: once I connect, the VPN will randomly disconnect out of nowhere! It’s a little irritating… Giving 3 stars until this is fixed.

Roxx The Gae Deercat
November 17, 2022
Quite a good VPN especially using it for school wifi that has alot of things blocked. The only issues I have with it is that it does not seem to keep the connection. I’m usually on calls for several hours even throughout the whole night and would constantly disconnect all of sudden. Would perfer auto reconnect option.

Helpful Reviews from App Store

Pros (+)

refocus today!
‘Generally’ GOOD, stable connections and regular updates
UPDATE June 24, 2022

I increased the rating from 4 to 5 stars because something in the app’s ability to stay connected to your VPN, for hours at a time even when the phone goes in and out of sleep mode, has IMPROVED! The app is more stable and staying connected longer! I appreciate the free ad version very much and I often click through on relevant ads to see what’s being offered (tip to developers: I’ve never once clicked through on your gaming ads because I never game. But I can tell that you’ve been increasing non-gaming ads and that’s appreciated.)

Update May 15, 2022…Ditto below, but with this note to the developers: WHY is almost EVERY single ad (with the free version) an advertisement for a GAMING app??!! I don’t game and never will, so you are doing a poor job at selling me anything I might actually be interested in. Surely not all your users are kids playing on gaming apps? Nov 9, 2021 :: I gladly recommend this VPN! Just beware there are LOTS of ads in the FREE service – which is actually okay, since the connections are generally (but not always) stable and fast enough. PS Developers: It’s inconvenient to have to turn my ipad to vertical position to use the app, and it would be appreciated if this shortcoming were fixed.

Super simple and easy to use!
This VPN is for people like me for simple safe connection to unknown and public wifi no other weird and confusing buttons. The connection is very fast and i have no problem using it. I had a subscription to another VPN but it had one flaw and i emailed CS line and they told me that nothing was wrong its prob the user fault. I know that it wasnt my fault because same problem i had was the main problem for my family also, that problem was when its connected and your using it or your downloading an app it will lose it connection but my phone couldnt do anything about it. Even if i hard close the app it would be running in the background and it wouldnt freshly connect again until i reseted my phone. This app doesnt have that problem and i tested it out too see if it does i had it on all night one time and it didnt lose connection not once. So anyone who wants a simple vpn n nothing extra with the vpn this is for you. I recommend it its very easy and simple! Oh the other thing this comes with a wifi speed tester so thats a plus to see how fast the internet your using! Overall super happy with this purchase!

100% totally free VPN!
I’ve had no issues with it at all. There are ads of course not a ton just basically

One every time you turn it on. It seems to stay on fairly well so long as your actively using your device and even for a while when your not using it. Seems to deactivate and turn off after a while of inactive use of the device it’s protecting and keeping your IP private and secure. Granted there are some paid VPN services that constantly “hop” from one server to the next virtually all over the world with non stop encryption and IP recycling but hey this does the trick ! The auto function has served best for me it seems to always have locked on to whichever server is fastest to relay the data packets (info) back and forth so there’s really no lag time ! I’m not worried about master level hackers tracking me down here more about protection from low level adware and spyware so those automatic retrieval systems through those types of viruses can’t do it’s job and you can safely surf freely without worry. Hope this helps ! 5 STARS!

Cons (-)

Head ache
2021: I tried to wait until I heard back from them but no answer back so this is my final take on this vpn….Looking for a good vpn which this vpn is ok compared to others wanting you to watch videos to gain credits in order to have a vpn active, BUT this vpn doesn’t stay on on your phone goes into rest mode it turns off and then you have to turn it back on. Which I have to question the integrity of the company that makes this vpn. I contacted the company no reply waited about 2 to 3 weeks nothing. Also the so called super unlimited keeps tethering which doesn’t connect at all on wifi or cellular service it just tethers in the background stating connecting …which that will kill your battery quick because it stays running to gain a connection it already happened to me and I had to delete it. Don’t even bother it may have a high download count but I strongly believe it was deleted as quick as it was downloaded. Also I strongly believe not many people know that this vpn turns off when your phone is resting. Update 2022: I had deleted this vpn for over a year and no change problems with email and website loading and taking a long time to load. Also this thing still drains my battery also several media website does not even load. Nothing new I strongly believe those who are leaving good reviews are those working for or hired by the app.

Right away, connect slow and choppy, vpn looses connection regularly
I saw other reviews saying after a while things slowed down, but I figured with regular fixes to bugs and things like that maybe it won’t be that bad. Right away, trouble with my own WiFi connection. Same day as download, I had irregular connection issues. Normally my home WiFi connection has great speed, fast and reliable. Especially in specific areas(closest to router). Only like if I don’t restart my phone after a long period of time I’ll have issues, or there’s issues within the company in general. I saw all this because same day I downloaded, crashes, takes forever to connect to vpn, have had for a week and have deleted it. It’s not worth it. And it’s free. But it messes up your internet connection on your phone, and it’s always shutting off the vpn without me knowing. I’m like who knows how long it was off! I just checked cause my internet speed was better😅 and it was disconnected! A negative star if I could cause really it’s bad on internet and doesn’t work properly, so it’s useless. I’ve had to restart my phone like everyday which I never did before. Couldn’t even get to the App Store to write this review! Three bar connection, close range to router, restarted router, restart my phone and delete this app. Don’t do it, look into another vpn, I am💁‍♀️

Psychø wølf
Worked for a while
Right so for the first year or two of me using this app it worked fine but for some reason this year its not working at all. I’ll try to connect to a server so i can listen to music on my phone while in school but instead it will pop up the purchase menu and when i exit out of the purchase menu it will disconnect me from the server. Now ive tried just leaving the purchase menu open and hoping it would connect but it never does i dont know if this is happening to anyone else or what but I would just like to listen to music in class so my ptsd and anxiety doesnt flair up and for anyone thinking im listen to music without my teachers permission they know im listening to music its not like i have ear buds in hiding behind my hair. No i have actually headphones on that visual constantly so ya dont come at me saying I shouldn’t be listening to music in class because ive done it for years and when a teacher asks me to take them off i do most of the time also keep in mind i have a ear out at all times so i can hear the teacher and i have my music low maybe on 3-5 volume. Anyways enough rambling. I’d just love to get this app fixed to where people that dont pay or cant pay can still use that app thats all im asking just let us connect to your servers still without pushing it in our faces to purchase or disconnecting us if we dont purchase. Thanks for reading. -Axyl


Google Play Store App Store
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Turbo VPN – Secure VPN Proxy

Turbo VPN is a free and unlimited VPN client for Android devices. With the best performance on security and speed, you can freely unblock and access your favorite sites and apps at anytime, anywhere. Also, with just one click it can become your private vpn shield to protect your online privacy and WiFi hotspot.

Want to protect online privacy and secure iPhone data? Try Turbo VPN global servers now! Surf privately and securely, encrypt your traffic, and enjoy a fast online experience.

Ratings and Reviews

In Google Play Store, this app gets 4,7 stars, 7.46M reviews and 100M+ downloads. In App Store this app gets 4,8 out of 5 and 175K ratings.

Helpful Reviews from Google Play Store

Pros (+)

Kristyna (Princess Kristyna)
September 5, 2022
Great free VPN app that is easy to connect and offers a login option to save certain settings. It allows other features with the free version. Pretty cool. If you want to upgrade for the ad free version, it is not very expensive and you get a discount if you pay annual amount versus monthly payment. I like how well it works with WiFi connection, while giving VPN browser protection.

Salazar Del Toro
September 7, 2022
What’s provided within the free version is very generous – something to keep in mind when slightly obtrusive, albeit well-warranted, ads begin to play within the app. I’ve enjoyed the free version for enough time now to confidently say that I will soon be paying the subscription fee for the upgraded version. Turbo VPN has been a staple app for my devices in recent years; I have relied upon it frequently, and it has never failed to function as advertised.

A Google user
November 30, 2018
Honest review: while I cannot say that this is the best Free VPN out there, but it definitely gets the job done most of the time ( cause there’ll be time where you encounter server not being able to get any connection.) But, eventually you will gets it after trying it a few more time ( or tap repair). I’m on vacation in China this November(2018) and realized that using my own data to browse the “Western” webpages or watch YouTube or using any other services is simply not good enough(cause the speed simply can’t pull it off). And while connect to the local WiFi also won’t allow to do any of the things that I’ve mentioned above, and that I knew that I should’ve install a Free VPN app before my visit. But I’m glad that I found this app in the play store and it works just fine. But, I think there’s a slight problem with the app, it may consume quite much power(which it is not quite good to use outside unless you have a power bank with you most of the time).

Cons (-)

P. Luis Ocasio
January 17, 2023
EDIT: So they’ve deprecated or removed the number of locations (India, Singapore, etc.). The ads however make it just extremely hard to use. If I connect to a site, go to an app and the app won’t connect, in order for me to go back to the VPN app, I have to watch an ad, just to check the connectivity. Lame. Extremely annoying when time is of the essence. Again… I used the subscription service but found it a hefty cost for the features; and now with less sites it just isn’t great.

Frank Ciliberto
January 27, 2023
Very slow connection, when I’m on a website the information, especially pictures are slow uploading. And the language is always needing to be translated because of the location, when I try to change the location I receive a message that I need to try later??? After multiple attempts I was finally able to change location with a different language… And the speed seems to be a little faster…

December 19, 2022
This is a good VPN. But it has two problems worth mentioning. 1: Discord VCs don’t work. Messages are fine, but joining a VC is impossible. I believe this is due to Turbo VPN not using a UDP (User Datagram Protocol) which is required for Discord VCs. 2: Ads. I get it’s a free app but there has to be a limit. You get an ad EVERY TIME you open the app and turn on/off the VPN. It makes the app feel monotonous to use. It doesn’t bother me, but I know that ads may be a dealbreaker for a lot of users.

Helpful Reviews from App Store

Pros (+)

The best player on this game
Best Free Vpn
I must say, this vpn is one of the best on the app store whether it is paid or unpaid. I bought ExpressVPN, got the SuperVPN, VPN Express, every one you can name basically lol. I went to China and a few other places for a year to explore and have a good time. ExpressVPN worked flawlessly for a while. However, some connections stopped working and most of the different locations don’t work on Express. I used TurboVPN when my subscription ran out and TurboVPN was either better or as good as Expressvpn!! It is unbelievable. I would definitely recommend this app on your phone if you’re going out of the country or if you want protection on your browsing. It’s also easy to use and doesn’t have a cap with 500MB like most other apps and it doesn’t limit you to only 5-7 days of use. There is so many good things about this that I can’t put it all in a review, but if you need a good vpn you don’t need to look any further.

Great service and company philosophy!!
Past 10 years have used dozens’ providers and truly for past 45 days noticed the difference in speed and security this group in it to win it but with simple philosophy provide best service and keep us surfing analytics private which mobile carriers sell to”affiliate companies” for ton$….

Like a private phone number was great if fortunately to have your IP address now is your thumb print you buy your six year old bike then start receiving all media sources ie mail, text, email etc…for your seven yr old to be. Privacy is privacy as consumer recommend this service !!

acid activator
I recommend you to download this app immediately
So all I want to say about this amazing super fast-connection VPN is that it’s really good and very helpful. I never knew about it , I used to have this VPN called “Betternet” but it doesn’t work as good as this cute Bunny. I kept complaining to my twin sister about it , soon she told me about this cool super fast VPN that works in an instant if you just feed the bunny a carrot .

So when I downloaded , I knew my sister was right . It really worked and it’s the bestest VPN I have ever experienced

Don’t mind my English , sorry

Thank you,

Cons (-)

No one important….
I don’t like it very much 😡
So I have had this for a few days because my WiFi turns off at a surtain time. It works smoothly for a round 10 minutes then it says “bunny has run 400M+ today. Tired and slow now. Upgrade to VIP boost.” I mean for real? You seriously let it run smooth an then purposely make it slow? And also the bunny doesn’t even run while connected so I don’t know where the “bunny has run 400M+” part makes any sense. I can only go on it for 10 minutes and then I have to wait a few HOURS until it works again. It makes my whole phone laggy, even games that don’t need WiFi… Everyone says it’s great but that’s because they can afford to spend money on a stupid app. I mean honestly this app is just a way for the creators to get money or else the app lags your whole phone. Instead of making everything slow unless you get VIP I would suggest this: get VIP to get faster connections and more exclusive features such as… Safer browsing, no more waiting for things to load, warns you when you are on an unsafe website, ect. I just wish I wouldn’t have to wait for so long for it to run smoothly again. I’m in the process of getting a new VPN for my phone. I might reinstall is this gets fixed. Could you also like add a timer that tells me how long I have to wait until the bunny isn’t “tired” anymore. Thank you. 😑🙄😡

Kelechi Oke
Stupid Annoying Candy Crush Ad
I like the app and it is easy to use. You have an ample amount of time before the bunny becomes tired. Even then the connection is still fast enough if you still want to use the app.

The only issue I have with the app is this infuriating Candy Crush ad. The issue is the the X to exit from the Ad is literally placed where my battery icon is on my phone(iPhone Xr) I have tried pressing it every way possible but the phone just reads I am pressing on the battery icon. I’m not entirely sure if it’s just me or other iPhones or Apple products are experiencing it. I don’t know why the X was placed up there while every other ad on the app has a close or an X placed in a reasonable spot. My only alternative is to close the app completely and restart it again. My second issue is that this type of ad is the most frequent on the app on the app. Every time I boot the app up there is an 8/10 chance the Candy Crush app will display I’ll be forced to exit the app hoping that my next attempt will be a lucky one. I understand ads make you money but when you don’t have the option to exit out of them, that’s a major issue. That ad is what is keeping me from rating this app a 4 or 5 stars.

Use in China
I found this app recently and was amazed. Not only did it offer a free version but it is the only VPN service I’d found that stayed connected even when the phone is locked. Several other VPNs I’ve tried have a tendency not to. Furthermore, it connected quickly and efficiently, while other VPNs would, over time, have a harder and harder time connecting in China.

However, they recently and without the slightest warning dropped all users in China, simply referencing “policy.” Having read through the reviews, this seems to be a major issue at the moment, especially in regards to those who had recently purchased subscriptions for months and even up to a year. They do not appear to be offering refunds, either.

I would have gladly given this app a 5-star review, but now that it is unusable and given the lack of support for anyone who paid large quantities of money only to be let down without warning, I can only give it a 2 for now.


Google Play Store App Store
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Thunder VPN – Fast, Safe VPN

Thunder VPN is a lightning-fast app provide free VPN service. Not need any configuration, just simply click one button, you can access the Internet securely and anonymously.

Thunder VPN encrypts your Internet connection so that third parties can’t track your online activity, making it more secure than a typical proxy, make your Internet’s safety and security, especially when you using public free Wi-Fi.

Thunder VPN is a loyal supporter of digital privacy.

Thunder VPN is a loyal guardian of mobile devices.

Thunder VPN is the best proxy VPN client for encrypting data.

With Thunder VPN, your online activities will remain private and safe. You will not be tracked, and even hackers will not be able to invade you. This is like a security barrier, always protecting your network security and privacy.

Thunder VPN provides you with high-quality servers in multiple countries/regions. These servers provide you with an excellent and fast browsing experience. It will also bring high VPN speeds and encrypted VPN connections to your iPhone.

Thunder VPN does not require any registration, is available at any time, advanced network technology to achieve extremely fast speed, anytime, anywhere access to your favorite content. By watching videos and playing games, unlimited bandwidth, low latency, no disconnection, you will experience an unprecedented smooth network.

We provide anonymous browsing, protect your privacy, secure proxy, WiFi hotspot shielding, high speed, and stability. Thunder VPN is easy to use, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited time, and a one-click connection.

This is the best VPN for personal social life school and office wifi, you are welcome to use it!

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Ratings and Reviews

In Google Play Store, this app gets 4,7 stars, 1.28M reviews and 50M+ downloads. In App Store this app gets 4,8 out of 5 and 175K ratings.

Helpful Reviews from Google Play Store

Pros (+)

Yvonne Jones
January 17, 2023
It’s been great so far. For those of you who have challenges with disconnects, it’s because the app does not support continuous and uninterrupted connection. Uninstall and reinstall to view the toggle button update regarding this feature. As far as ads are concerned, I’ve only seen 1 ad pop- up ad on my phone today since I’ve installed it.

Doll Steak
April 11, 2023
So far, so good! For a free VPN, it’s actually amazing. I’m not complaining about the ads. There’s ONE ad when I turn it on; no big deal at all. I’ve only been using Thunder VPN for a day, and I’ll definitely pay for the additional features if it continues to perform so excellently for another day or two. I absolutely recommend Thunder for everyone needing a VPN (which is EVERYONE, let’s be real!) Thanks, Thunder; you guys rock!!

A Google user
December 4, 2018
I like this VPN in general, but it seems that every time my cell phone goes to sleep the app disconnects. I have the setting to “always on” but it simply does not work. I have to connect manually all the time, which is kind of pointless to me because the app is not reliable enough in my eyes. It is fast and works very well when connected, so I gave it 4 stars. I might look for one that will stay connected or reconnect on its own, though.


Jack Knife
October 1, 2021
App used to be great and ads weren’t bad, some that I was interested in too. Now the ads are horrible! This started about 2 days ago. Forces you watch very long ads that you cannot exit out of. You can’t even close the window. If you try to click anywhere on the ad, it automatically takes to an app download, or a browser page. You can’t even disconnect, without having to watch very long, useless ads. I’m looking for a different free VPN now with less intrusive ads.

Dan Perkins
November 2, 2020
Quite faulty VPN, I do not recommend it. While it does work (most of the time), it is very slow, disconnects a lot, and does not serve it’s purpose well. Every 3-5 days you need to uninstall it and re-install, as it just stops working and even starts dragging down your internet speed. I was using it for work-related purposes, and unless you have the patience for it it likely will not suit you. To the devs – Please fix these issues so people like me have a better experience!

A Google user
April 16, 2019
It does work pretty well. However, the constant adds are outrageously annoying and so are the constant “rate me” advertisement for this app (which wrongfully does nothing UNLESS you give it 5 stars}. Moreover, if you block ads via a third party app like adblocker, the app no longer functions at all and won’t allow you to even stay connected to a server you connected to when ads were allowed. 100% just a money hungry developer.

Chase Goodson
July 27, 2021
Oh it’ll work… for all of two seconds. I constantly have to reopen the app to turn on the connection, rarely ever does it last more than 5 minutes. Sometimes I’ll get lucky and it’ll stay connected for a half hour, but mostly it disconnects within seconds or minutes. Not worth it at all.

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Pros (+)

Rate us
One issue I have is the VPN shuts down after a certain amount of time. I would be fine if it stays on whether I’m using an app or not. Other than that, it’s a very good service.

we are both bijuu mike fans
I know this might be selfish of me but
Please don’t make us pay in the future you might think you need money pronto but once you do that there will only be bad reviews 😔

Very good vpn
Very fast and they give you a free 3 day trial without a credit debt card to prove it . Definitely worked on changing ip and location and streaming


Terrible Tech Support
I have been trying to contact them using the email provided on their customer service support page. It has been three days now and there has been no response. I wonder, if there will be any support assistance given to me anytime soon. Has anyone experienced this issue at all?

It’s a good vpn, when it works
I tryied using app after I deleted it after I thought I found a better con but when I open the app it doesn’t give me the option to allow vpn configuration which is what it need to allow it to make vpn


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In conclusion, VPN is a must-have tool for anyone who uses the internet. It provides security, privacy, and access to geo-restricted content. With the rise of cyber threats, using VPN has become more critical than ever. By choosing a reputable VPN provider and following best practices, you can enjoy a safe and secure online experience.