What is Kumon? Why Kumon? What is Benefit of Kumon franchise? How About Kumon for Sale in Ascot UK

There is many franchise about education. Why you should pick Kumon in Ascot? Here is the answer. Check it out.

What is Kumon? Why Kumon? What is Benefit of Kumon franchise? How About Kumon for Sale in Ascot UK
What is Kumon? Why Kumon? What is Benefit of Kumon franchise? How About Kumon for Sale in Ascot United Kingdom

What is Kumon?

Kumon probably the famous United Kingdom’s reputable supplementary education provider, offering individualised maths & English programmes to assist any kid of any ability to develop and reach their potential. Our intention is for every child to become an independent, advanced learner with a good attitude to study. The Kumon Method of Learning enables children to self-learn with Instructor guidance, helping students to take charge of their own learning journey and improve the confidence to strive for their goals and aspirations.

History of Kumon

The Kumon Institute of Education was founded in 1958 in Japan, by Toru Kumon, both a parent and gifted maths teacher. He designed what is now the Kumon Maths Programme for his son Takeshi, to help him grow his potential in maths. Our programmes now develop English skills, as well as maths, and are constantly developing, learning from students and Instructors, to make them as effective as possible. Kumon still stands firm to Toru Kumon’s founding principle; to help as many children as possible excel academically and realise their potential. Kumon can help give our child the tools for a lifelong love of learning.

Kumon Franchise for Sale and Cost in United Kingdom

Kumon Franchise Cost and How much will it cost?Is Kumon a good business? Is Kumon a good franchise to invest in? Read this to think Kumon Franchise inAscot.

Survey the content below to learn more about the costs & benefits of owning your own Kumon centre.

1. An opening investment of £3,000 regarding your licence fee (representing £1,500 per subject for maths and English)

2. You need to allocate an extra £1,500 – £2,000 for marketing activity across your basic 12 months of business.

3. You require to allow for rent or hire of premises, as well as other minimal running costs

4. In the case of franchise re-sales, a fee is paid to the outgoing Instructor for taking over their business.

Kumon Franchise Profit and How much the profit?

1. You’ll set your own fees, typically in the region of £65 per subject, per month, which parents pay to you immediately

2. You’ll be aiming to have average subject numbers of 150-200 subjects in your centre

3. You will pay Kumon a fixed price royalty fee for each student/subject, so it’s easy to project your earnings

4. The Kumon royalty fee covers the Kumon learning materials, your ongoing training and support and much more!

5. You will benefit from generous rent and fit-out subsidies towards starting up in a dedicated venue

Kumon Franchise Review

According to https://uk.trustpilot.com. Kumon UK gets 77 reviews and 3.3 Stars. You can visit the review here https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/kumon.co.uk.Here some reviews.

Good Reviews

  • Katie Isaacson
    Stars : 5/5
    Date of experience: 21 October 2022

Kumon is a specific style of learning and I can now see how this repetition is working. My son is super speedy in maths, confident with his numbers and can apply his independent learning skills in school. After the first few weeks I was unsure as the papers seemed easy and repetitive, however nearly a year later it’s clear how they have given my son such confidence.
I can also see how it is getting him ready for exams by working on his own, comprehension questions etc.
I would highly recommend but don’t expect a ‘normal’ tutor experience as this is a way of learning and if you stick with it then you see the rewards.

  • Danny
    Stars : 5/5
    Date of experience: 03 October 2022

I recently enrolled my 7 year old on the Kumon Maths programme which requires him to study between 20-30mins everyday! It seems to be working well as of yet, he’s doing the work on his tablet which was the option I went for (partially because you don’t have to mark the work everyday – which was a bit of a put off for me) but honestly within just a month I can seen the speed in his mental maths and he seems to to enjoying doing it on this Kumon app. It’s still early days but I am hopeful so far, in that he’s studying daily. The digital study can be a bit costly as you need to have your own device but I think most kids these days do have some sort of access to computers and tablets.

  • Zaiba
    Stars : 5/5
    Date of experience: 09 October 2022

As a parent of three teenagers, I have tried many different supplementary education providers and from experience can say that Kumon has really been useful in supporting and improving my children’s maths and reading skills. It is a long term programme and it really depends on what you want to achieve from it. My children did both maths and English in Kumon for a few years up to their GCSEs and all achieved the grades they wanted to get into their A Level choices. They have all stopped Kumon now as the work load at A Levels and University is too intense. It’s a shame Kumon does not offer Science programmes as I had to get separate Science tuition for my boys GCSEs whilst they were still doing Kumon and this can be quite expensive!!

  • Zahra Khan
    Stars : 5/5
    Date of experience: 27 September 2022

I’ve done both math and English at kumon Battersea since the age of 7 and, whilst at first, the daily work seemed like a burden, I’ve now realised I was doing work 2-3 years ahead of my school year. I’ve recently graduated from the maths program and I can say that starting early is a huge advantage and the hard work really pays off. I would highly recommend starting kumon early as it really does come in useful in the later school years, up to GCSE and beyond!

Bad Reviews

  • Ms Ahmed
    Stars : 2/5
    Date of experience: 30 August 2022

Found Kumon Battersea to be very repetitive and boring, within weeks of the free trial, child totally lost interest in maths as the tutor kept giving the same repeating worksheets, despite feedback that they were too easy. The tutor was also rude when I wanted to stop.

  • Gavin Gavin
    Stars : 1/5
    Date of experience: 24 July 2022

Kumon has to be the most boring thing ever, it’s nothing but crap, I despise it so much! The reason why I hate it is because it’s daily and when summer time is here kumon has to ruin your time, burn in hell kumon!!!

  • Carolina Bugueno
    Stars : 1/5
    Date of experience: 09 April 2022

I enrolled my daughter at the kumon in tooting and my poor girl hates it. She cries every time she goes there and as I have signed a contract I need to pay for the 6 months. I find this disgusting as we never know how our children will take something. I have addressed my concern with the tutor and requested to withdraw but she told me that there is no way out of the contract.

  • Samuel Kassahun
    Stars : 1/5
    Date of experience: 07 May 2022

My son has been going to Kumon for a year now but he neither improved in his maths nor English. The teacher focuses on repetition ( +1 exercise until 100 and more 🤷🏾‍♂️) rather than training to improve their arithmetic skills. The teacher is so stuck up she couldn’t even want to listen to comments based on our observations. So defensive and illogical on her arguments. Her main argument is “This is Kumon’s way of teaching” as if it is some sort of dogma.
The worksheets are so repetitive to the point that your kid will hate to even have a look at it.

How to Become Kumon Franchise

Becoming a franchisee

Kumon is looking for driven professionals who are passionate about education, children and helping them build a brighter future. Together with over 11.5 million probable Kumon students across the United Kingdom, you can change that passion into a reality by running your own Kumon study centre where one doesn’t already exist or is available because an existing Instructor is retiring.

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You do not need a background in education to become a franchisee. Several of our Instructors have had careers in law, finance and business and have experienced the benefits of the Kumon programmes themselves through their own families.

This is a full-time business opportunity where you will create and run your own business while also helping children observe their ability.

You’ll become part of a network of Instructors that share best implementation along with the satisfaction of making a difference to children in your local community.

You will have an Area Manager to offer advice and support in launching, organizing and marketing your Kumon study centre

There is a minimal start-up fee and Kumon offers generous subsidies to centres opening in specific venues or areas.

Through delivering both face to face and online classes, you’ll help many families benefit from learning with Kumon‘s method.


From some of the things above, it can be concluded that Kumon is a promising business for the future. Although there are some negative reviews, but the positive reviews are much more.